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Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with KAC and in your community. 

Get connected and take action today!

Register to Vote

Your vote matters.  Most important elections that impacts you every day in the community happens during local elections.  Make sure to update your voter registration to ensure you receive the latest election information.

Join KAC

KAC is a volunteer run non-partisan non-profit driven by donations and grants to build the Korean American community in the state of Washington to develop future civic minded leaders.  To start, join KAC as a member with just $25/year membership fee that will give you access to member-only events for free or at discounted rate. 


Want to be more involved?  Once a member, join one of the many committees to help organize events.  Without the dedication from our committee members, board, and volunteers, it wouldn't be possible to have so many great events.  It also is a great way to developer meaningful friends while working together for a common goal.  Learn about the committees.

Even KAC votes to make decisions from as simple matter as passing the last board meeting notes to as important as how to allocate budget for initiatives for the year.  By joining the KAC Board, you can not only financially support the programs for the year but also to vote to decide how to fund the events to meet the goals for the organization.  Consider joining KAC Board to support the ongoing efforts of the group.


We cannot be thankful enough for our KAC Advisory Board members who provide continuing financial and ongoing support to allow KAC to help Korean Americans organize and be heard locally, in Washington state and in United States.  If have more limited time but you want to make an impact to support the next generation, join the KAC Advisory Board.

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