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As a volunteer driven organizations, multiple committees organize different events throughout the year.  Each committee is lead by committee chair(s).  To get involved in a committee, reach out to the chair at one of the KAC events or via email to


Chairs: Lee & Alda
Responsibility:  Organize gala.  Goal is to enhance to profile of KAC across the mainstream by highlighting KAs (KA designers previously), scholarship, awards of successful KAs, fundraising.


Chairs: Sara & Jung
Responsibilities: recruitment plan, high school parent engagement to recruit parents to increase membership, buddy system to register and meet your buddy, engage with colleges, especially community colleges, show-case and highlight membership, membership free events like the holiday mixer, LinkedIn, PD Opportunity, Invite recruiters with intentional space.

Social/Professional Networking

Chairs: Jin & Thomas

Responsibilities: buddy system, LinkedIn, PD Opportunity, Invite recruiters with intentional space, host mixer 3rd Wed of every month, Kalbi Cook Off

Past events:  monthly happy hours, hiking series, viewing art gallery

Civic Education/Participation 

Chairs: Cheryl & Shari

Responsibilities: Collaborate with other API, ACRS, Citizenship clinic with One America, APACE, APICS

Past events: Grassroots Conference


Chair: Rachel

Responsibilities: monthly newsletter, social media posts

Community Advocacy 

Chairs: Rachel & Erica

Responsibilities: take WA issues in a timely manner



Leadership Development/Mentorship

Chair: Sara

Past activity:  Career Mentorship with high school and college students, interview/resume workshops


Chairs: Jung & HJ

Responsibilities: Collect dues, membership & board fees, tax, seek grant opportunities

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