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Member Spotlight: Youngest KAC-WA member Katherine Kang

Youngest KAC-WA member Katherine Kang

Our youngest KAC-WA member, Katherine Kang, is on a mission. She is thankful to KAC-WA for giving her the platform to attend the DC Korean American Grassroots Conference where she was inspired to join a leadership team at her middle school. She, along with a bunch of middle school students at UPrep, are on a mission to creating a bully free campaign. Katherine has received the support of many including our favorite Councilmember Peter Kwon, the first Korean American female mayor in the US Cindy Ryu, and 37th legislative district representative Sharon Tomiko Santos.

Please give our young member a handshake or a high-five when see her. If you know of any other young Koreans, Korean-Americans, or any eligible youth who would like to participate, let us know!

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