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New Design For Our Website

KAC-WA Kickoff 2017 - An Updated Website & New Community Portal

Dear KAC-WA community and visitors,

We've made some BIG technology leaps with our KAC-WA website. After our latest website design update, we learned that our community (you!) needed and wanted more -- a central place for updates, a way to connect with each other as a community (a KAC-WA dedicated community portal), an easy way to donate more (thank you!), and a more cohesive experience.

Check out our website. You'll see that now we have multiple pages on our website: About Us, this Blog, and an easy way to navigate all things KAC-WA!

2) Events (via Our Eventbrite)

3) Learning More About Our KAC-WA Board

4) Easy Way to Donate

And More!

We would love feedback, so let us know what you think.

Thank you.

Arry Yu


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